Orienteer Partners provides targeted, tailored, and Timely new venture development assistance to Clients, in some cases in collaboration with consulting subject-matter experts. Orienteer Partners is most frequently engaged for primary and secondary research to: 

  • Provide broad situational awareness in market, industry, and policy landscapes relevant to new venture scouting and development activities

  • Assess under-served niches and alliance opportunities for new ventures

  • Provide targeted insight into potential competitor and supplier organizations for new ventures

  • Identify sources of public and private support for new venture development

  • Characterize target markets for potential new venture products and services

  • Compare prospective new venture business models to existing models in other industries or segments of the clean energy economy

  • Perform due diligence on potential public, private, and NGO partnerships for new ventures


Orienteer Partners is typically engaged initially through a six month to One year Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC) with a client which specifies terms and a general scope of potential work based on the types of new venture development assistance needs that are expected to arise. 

Once an IQC is in place, authorized designees at client organizations are then free to engage Orienteer Partners as needed with specific deliverables, not-to-exceed amount of billable hours, and timeline for completion set on a project by project basis.